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RYA Yachtmaster Sailing courses

There are many routes to the RYA Yachtmaster  qualifications in both Sailing and Motor Cruising, From 1 week Yachtmaster Sailing exam Preparation courses to 15 week Professional Fast Track Sailing course including STCW95 BST.  Enrol on a course designed to suit your exact needs or Contact us


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Our Fast Track Pro option offers you more than any other sailing course we can find, it includes RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and MCA STCW95 Basic Safety training, and  more, much more, all training is delivered by Allabroad in Gibraltar.  Our Yachtmaster Sailing and Motor professional courses lead to jobs, with no need for further training courses. We provide recruitment so jobs can be waiting after your training course.

The duration of your sailing training course takes into account any previous training courses and miles you have. There are 3  options to help you decide on the right package:

  • Relatively new to Yachting? Then we recommend the Yachtmaster Offshore Pro training course at 15 weeks for sailing and 12 weeks for Motor
  • Already achieved your Yachtmaster Coastal course or some sailing experience?  Then we can create a training course package to suit you. Contact us.
  • If you have all your sailing miles, passages and theory knowledge to Yachtmaster,  we can offer a 1 or 2 week Yachtmaster Prep training course with exam.

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