RYA Yachtmaster Training Options

Yachtmaster Offhore Sail

Duration: 90 days 

This life changing 90 day adventure transforms any complete beginner into a professional commercial Yachtmaster Offshore. Once achieved the world is your oyster, for adventures wherever the wind may take you.

Yachtmaster Exam Prep Sail

Duration: 4 days + exam days

If you have all the miles, passages, theory and yachtmaster skills we can help prepare you for the RYA Yachtmaster exam with an exam preparation course. 


Yachtmaster Custom Sail

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

If you have some miles and passages and require 'top up' training to reach your goals we can build a package to suit exactly what you need from 1 to 12 weeks

Yachtmaster Theory and Motor Exam Prep 

Duration: 3 weeks

For anyone with the qualifying experince, this 3 week package covers theory and extended exam prep towards Yachtmaster Offshore Motor.  

Yachtmaster Exam Prep Motor

Duration: 4 Days + exam days

If you have all the miles, passages and theory we can help prepare you for the RYA Yachtmaster exam with this 4 day exam preparation course. 

Yachtmaster Custom Motor

Duration: 1 - 6 Weeks

If you have some experince and require 'top up' training to reach your goals we can build a package to suit exactly what you need. Contact us now with your experience and we will create a solution.

Royal Yachting Association Accredited Provider

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore is recognised worldwide. Allabroad is a UK Royal Yachting Association Approved Training Centre with extensive Maritime Academy level facilities, and fleet of 5 modern UK safety coded yachts.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Accredited Centre

 As a subsidiary executive agency of the UK Department for Transport, the MCA is responsible for the syllabus and training standards for ships' officers and crew to the STCW requirements.  Allabroad is an MCA accredited course provider.

British Marine Federation Member

Allabroad Sailing Academy in Gibraltar is a member of The British Marine Federation, and as such is signed up to an extensive Code of Practice offering customers additional confidence that the service provided will be the best. 

The Yachtmaster Training Academy

Training to become a yachtmaster is a once in a lifetime, choice, and indeed a life changing one too, so do it right!


We appreciate how important this is to you, so the team here take great personal pride in their work, your yachtmaster pass is as important to them as it is to you.


 The team here are passionate to ensure you are as well   prepared as can be given the time frame for your final yachtmaster exam.  




The location

Gibraltar lends itself to yachtmaster training, with a dedicated bay, tidal waters, and plenty of traffic too.


Training in  here shows you have what it takes to sail anywhere - the Gibraltar Strait  is one of the busiest, and most tidal stretches of water in the world. 


Another consideration is the evening work, training to be yachtmaster requires both practical and theoretical skills, and space is needed shoreside for chart work, passage planning and revision. Allabroad is blessed with extensive 24 / 7 private shore based facilities, surpassing any providers locally.  

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