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Allabroad is a Sailing School founded in 1999 in Gibraltar and is accredited by the UK Royal Yachting Association to deliver RYA Sailing Courses and Online Theory courses.

RYA Day Skipper Online Theory

RYA Day Skipper Online Theory

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Course Information

What's Included

What's Included in my study pack?

  • Two training charts
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory course notes book
  • Course questions paper
  • Training Almanac
  • 6 months access to the online course
  • 6 months support from 0900 to 2200 7 days a week
  • Option to extend for a further 6 months
  • Start your training now, your pack will be dispatched in the UK same day but is not required until later in the course.
  • 2 years access to the online training course for revision purposes upon completion of the final exam.
RYA Day Skipper Theory Charts, Plotter, and dividers RYA Day Skipper Theory Pack

You can begin your training whilst waiting for your physical pack to arrive by DHL, the course is arranged so the pack materials is only required for the mid to latter stages of the course

Course Format

RYA Day Skipper Theory Tidal Curve Lesson image Tidal curves, a big part of the Day Skipper course

The Course is layered up from the very basics - with the pace set by you via  click through animations,  providing an engaging learning process is key to your understanding each and every step allong the way to achieving your Day Skipper Theory.


RYA Day Skipper theory anchoring image Anchoring methods covered in the course


Quick overview of what's involved


General seamanship; parts of the boat; tying up alongside; preparation for sea; knots and tacking.



Using charts; depth contours' three-point fix; plotting a course to steer allowing for tidal set and drift; position fixing by various means and estimated position, taking into account tidal set and drift.


Tidal streams

Tidal streams to plot courses to steer and for estimating position:

Using a tidal diamond table and the tidal stream atlas, to work out the tidal set and drift for various times of day and compensating for spring and neap tides. 


Passage planning

An introduction to planning short daytime passages using waypoints and visual aids.


Tidal heights

Working out the height of tide for entering ports, crossing shallows and avoiding grounding: using the tidal height tables, allowing for springs and neap tides; basic secondary port calculations, allowing for time differences.


Collision regulations

Basic collision regulations: collision avoidance; the correct lights to use; how to identify types of vessels from their lights; how to recognise a vessel by its day shapes, and what day shapes to use for various situations; sound signals and their uses.


Electronic navigation

Using onboard electronic equipment: chart plotters; depth / wind instruments and more.



Causes of weather systems: reading and taking into account present and future weather forecasts; understanding weather charts and sources of weather information. 



How to recognise buoys by their characteristics: shape; colour; action to take when approaching one.



Basic safety at sea: using life rafts; life jackets; how to handle and use flares; types of firefighting equipment and fire prevention; how to make mayday calls and ways of making other vessel aware that there is a mayday situation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Allabroad?

Allabroad established in 1999,  have been delivering RYA Day Skipper Online Theory courses since 2005.

With years of experience in this area we are confident this package, with full support from full yachtmaster instructors, will enable you pass your DaySkipper Online theory and have confidence to hit the decks running when it comes to the Day Skipper practical.


Why the Online Option?

We always ask our customers why they chose the online option, the main reason mentioned was it freed off more holiday time to enjoy sailing. The other plus was that completing your RYA Day Skipper theory course Online, at home is that you can work at your own pace, in your own space, in peace without any disruptions.


How long does it take?

The online RYA Day Skipper theory course can be completed in as little as 5 days, but why rush? Many of our delegates enjoy the learning process and take  2 to 3 months; you have 6 months to complete the course after which you can pay a small reactivation fee.

Once online you can work at your own pace day or night and achieve your theory certificate ahead of your Day Skipper practical course.


Is support provided?

If at any stage you grind to a halt, don't panic, we have 3 full RYA yachtmaster instructors each with over 15 years teaching RYA Theory courses in the classroom on standby ready to help. Support can be provided by email, or phone, and in some cases a quick zoom meeting has helped. Whatever it takes the Allabroad team will endeavour to get you through your course!



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