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Yachtmaster Fast Track FAQ

Q> Where are all the vessels located?

A> All our sailing,  motor vessels, training equipment and training facilities are located in Marina Bay Marina Gibraltar, we do visit regularly other other parts of the world but our vessels are permanently moored in Gibraltar within 70m of the shoreside facility.


Q> How many students per yacht?

A> 4 students per yacht


Q> How old are the Yachts?

A> All the sailing yachts were replaced with brand new high performance yachts in June 2016 at a cost of one Million Euros.  This reduces down time due to faults and offers a completely un rivalled Fast Track experience.


Q> Whats the difference between a Full Yachtmaster Instructor and a Cruising instructor. 

A> A Yachtmaster instructor can teach up to the level of yachtmaster, a cruising instructor is still on a probationary period so can only teach the basic levels up to Day skipper, you will achieve this level in your first 3 weeks.  Many Fast Track providers use these 'trainee' cruising instructors throughout your fast track, apart from 2 weeks. This means that you are never going to get the training you require to be a great yachtmaster, and you will be unlikely to pass first time.  Its very bad for you but saves the school a fortune as Cruising instructors are far less expensive to hire, but are not experienced enough to deliver Yachtmaster training. For comparison purposes its essential to check how many of your weeks will be with Cruising instructors and how many will be with Yachtmaster instructors.


Q> Is Allabroad really the only RYA sailing school with shore based training facilities in Gibraltar.

A> Yes, other schools may rent function rooms when required for theory training but these will not be available when you need to self study in the evenings. All our students agree they could not have got through the course without this.  We provide our students with 2 good sized classrooms, offices and mess rooms and plenty of quiet shore side study space.  In total we provide our students with access to over £2M worth of training equipment and facilities.


Q>What accreditations do Allabroad Hold?

A>  There are no other schools in Gibraltar with both RYA and MCA accreditations, or provide training facilities even remotely close to what Allabroad offer. We encourage all prospective clients to visit training centres prior to booking,  to see for themselves and check accreditations directly with the RYA & MCA


Q> What qualifications do the instructors hold?

A> For your Fast Track training ALL your instruction will be delivered by FULL yachtmaster Instructors. Mileage building we be completed at a stage where you will be knowledgable enough to plan and execute safe passages, for this we place you with experienced cruising instructors.  We start our Fast Trackers off with Full YMI's


Q> What Training or Certificates do I get on the 15 week Yachtmaster Offshore Pro course?

A> On successful completion of the course:

  1. Day Skipper Theory
  2. Day Skipper Practical
  3. Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory
  4. Coastal Skipper Practical
  5. VHF Radio Licence
  6. RYA Radar
  7. RAY Diesel Engine
  8. MCA STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  9. MCA STCW Elementary First Aid
  10. MCA STCW Fire Prevention & Fighting
  12. STCW Security awareness
  13. RYA PPR, ENG1 Medical & Comercial Endorsement
  14. RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail


Q> What are the chances of finding work afterwards?

A> So long as we know from the outset what direction you want to go, we can start the recruitment process as soon as you start your training. Those who seek work after the course are usually successful within the first month of passing,  and we have a growing number of partners who are looking for Allabroad Yachtmasters.


Q> Where do I sleep?

A> You will sleep on the yachts. Accommodation is provided throughout your training including weekends and during theory elements.


Q> What do we eat?

A> At the start of each week you will be provided with an allowance, you have to shop for your own boat as a group, and do your own cooking and cleaning.  Our allowance, we believe is the highest in the industry at £40 per person on board including skipper.  Our students have plenty of food, and enough to enjoy a meal out or take away at least once per week, cook a roast joint at the weekend and even dabble at baking fresh bread onboard.  Shopping, stocking the yacht and cooking on board are an essential part of the training. If you are comparing courses from one provider to the next I would check to see what the arrangements are for food as some of the allowances are diabolical meaning you have to dip into your own funds just to survive! Others just provide inedible slop.


Q> Do I need a sleeping bag?

A> No,  We provide you with freshly laundered bedding each and every week, each of the yachts has proper duvets and pillows. 


Q> How long do we spend at sea?

A> You will spend virtually every night in a sheltered Marina, a few nights at anchor on passage and some overnight watch system passage trips - the longest passages will be 36 to 48 hours. Most training takes place during a working day with extra courses on some weekends. You do get some free time.


Q> Where do we sail?

A> You will visit, Portugal, Spain, and of course Gibraltar. The furthest you will venture into the Med if weather dictates is to Malaga since we prefer to head along the Atlantic tidal side for more challenging and productive training.


Q> What if I fall behind with the training?

A> No problem, the course is moulded to suit each individual, you will have the opportunity to sail with people at all levels and your training course is bespoke to your individual learning requirements. 


Q> I have done some sailing already, can I skip the first few weeks?

A> There is so much to cover in the beginning that missing the first few weeks can be disastrous, even if you have sailed before it's best to start at the beginning.  Many experienced sailors start this course at the beginning and finish the course early. 


Q> What if I do not pass?

A> We have the highest first time pass rates in the industry, due to the fact that we use Full Yachtmaster Instructors. if you are not successful during the final exam,  the 15 / 14 week Yachtmaster course is backed up by a free retraining scheme if there is a problem on the exam due to nerves etc. We train you further and you can re-sit your final exam.  However, turning up late for classes with a hangover voids this offer! If you work hard and put the effort in, and remember this is a training course throughout then we will get you though, if however you come here for a 15 week holiday then you will probably not pass. Managing your time effectively and staying out of the pub will vastly increase your chances of passing your final exams and finding work in the industry. 


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