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I worked as a marine electrician in my early 20's before I became a yachtmaster instructor so I've seen numerous times how much damage can be done from just basic neglect or missuse of the onboard electrics so idea of people heading off to sea for days on end with no electrical knowledge concerned me; hence the motivation to develop this course. 


The MECO Boat & Yacht Electrical course was originally designed as a 2 day classroom course to be included in the 15 Week Allabroad Yachtmaster Fast Track Professional package, but it is now completely revamped as a stand alone online course available to any boat or yacht owners, skippers and crew who would like to develop their onboard electrical knowledge to learn how to prevent, find, and fix faults.


Fresh course content is added weekly and once you're enrolled you will have lifetime access, there's a free trial and once enrolled if you change your mind there's even a 30 day money back guarantee.  


It doesn't bear thinking about but 80% of yacht fires are electrical so if you're into boating and feel your electrical knowledge is a little short, this course is definately for you; enrol now. 



Dave Punch



PS: Have a look at the sample lesson below...


The sample lesson is from the latter end of the course where we begin to look at how individual components interact, it serves to show the level of knowledge you will have after the course, not the level thats required before. This is a complete beginners course, so there are no pre-course requirements.