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Marine Electrical Training

Marine Electrical & Electronics Courses

We recommend MECO Marine Electrical Courses Online for anyone who wishes to learn about the marine electrical system. These courses are ideal for boat owners, and trainee Marine Electricians. 


MECO online courses are created and supported by qualified marine electricians who are also OfQual certified teachers, and after 4 years training over 1500 boat enthusiasts and  marine electricians, MECO courses are now also in use by universities, technical schools and colleges in 4 different countries. 

Beginners Electrical Course

Self paced, fully online, CPD Accredited boat & yacht electrical course.   Start your training right away,  there are no pre course requirements. The Level 1 course begins with a study of electricity from the very basics of voltage, current, and resistance,  you then build on this knowledge progressively learning step by step how power is delivered to the vessels devices safely and efficiently, how faults can develop, be prevented, and how to fix them.  No pre-course knowledge or skills required. This course earns 12 CPD points. 

Ideal for:

  • Yacht Skippers, Instructors, and Crew
  • Boat owners
  • Trainee Marine Electricians

Intermediate Electrical Course

The Level 2 course is a seamless transition from the level 1, covering more complex areas of well equipped self sufficient yachts. During this course you will really put your level 1 knowledge to the test by applying the basics to more complex systems. By the end of the level1 course learners are able to visualise the much more complex onboard systems as much simpler subsystems. This is an essential step towards highly effective fault finding and repairs. 

Ideal for:

  • Yacht Skippers, Instructors, and Crew

  • Boat owners

  • Trainee Marine Electricians

Advanced Electronics Course

A fully comprehensive study of marine electronics, including NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000,SeaTalk, Multiplexors, Buffers, Gateways, and Radio systems. The Level 3 course is popular with professionals and hands-on boaters. By the end of the level 3 course learners will have a highly detailed and professional understanding of the marine electronics system. Level 1 and 2 are required prior to enrolling on the Level 3 course however, this course is available as part of the Full MECO MET 3 Masterclass

Ideal for:

  • Trainee Marine Electronics Technicians
  • Yacht Engineers
  • Yacht Owners
  • Skippers and crew
  • Super-yacht Crew

Many skippers and crew find the marine electrical system difficult to understand and are not prepared for how to deal with electrical issues, this is where MECO can help with a range of online Marine electrical and electronics courses aimed at beginners up to advanced professional level.

 For boat owners, skippers, crew, and new trainee electricians we recommend the BYE Level 1 & 2 package: £225


Boat & Yacht Electrical level 1 & 2 package



MECO also provide a comprehensive package aimed at trainee and professional Marine Electricians, the MET 3 Masterclass.  This package starts off with the very basics - there is no assumed knowledge, or pre-course requirements, and quickly ramps up to high industry professional level. Beginners are very welcome, and supported every step of the way. Included in the MET 3 package are all 3 levels at a discounted price. Click the link below for more information. 

For an industry recognised Marine Electrical & Electronics certificate we recommend the full MET 3 Masterclass professional package £399


MECO MET 3 Certificate in Marine Electrical and Electronics


MECO Courses

MECO Training courses specialise in online boat & yacht systems. Currently the most popular courses are the Boat & Yacht Electrical & Electronics courses that start from the absolute most basic elements and progress step by step right up to a level above and beyond most marine technician courses. Many of our students use the 1 and 2 courses as pre study whilst gaining their required first year experience  to become marine electricians.


Meco courses are ideal for:

  • Boat Owners
  • Delivery Crew
  • Instructors
  • Trainee Engineers
  • Trainee Marine Electricians


All MECO online courses are self paced and provide immediate access before enrolling so you can preview the course. 


Click 'Start Training Now' -  this will guide you to a sample lecture on the Engine Starting Circuit, and this could be useful if you ever end up stuck at sea with an engine that just wont start!




Ideal for Boaters & Trainee Marine Electricians


A shocking 55% of yacht fires are electrical so if you're involved in boating and feel your electrical knowledge is a little short, this course is definitely for you.


The number of leisure and commercial Yacht crew heading off to sea with no yacht systems training, considering the meticulous training in other areas, is a concern;  MECO training is specifically designing courses to fill this gap. 


The MECO Boat & Yacht Electrical courses were each originally designed as intensive classroom based courses, however they are now available as fully online courses, allowing you to set the learning pace - free of any time constraints.


MECO courses are available to anyone who would like to develop their onboard systems knowledge and learn how to prevent, find, and fix faults. There are no pre course requirements and beginners are welcome. 


Over the last 4 years MECO courses have also become an industry standard for trainee marine electricians, and are used in Maritime Universities in the UK and around the world. 







All you need at Allabroad 

Beginners Electrical Course


Self paced, start training right away

No pre course requirements. Covers the intricacies of the DC system and starts off from the very basics.


Intermediate Electrical Course


Self paced course, seamless transition from the level 1 course, the level 2 covers all that you’d find on an ocean going yacht, or well equipped live aboard.


Advanced Electronics Course


 Learn how electronic sensors, senders, transducers, radars and MFD are interconnected to form the different onboard data networks, and how to interface anything and everything!  

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