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MCA STCW Personal Survival Techniques

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  • Location and timing
    • 7 The square, Marina Bay, ​Ocean Village Gibraltar
    • Classroom lecture with wet drill in pool
  • Kit List:
    • Pen & paper, swim suit, towel
    • You will get cold wet and miserable
  • Certification: 
  • Price: £195

STCW95 Personal Survival Techniques Course Outline

The STCW Personal Survival Techniques Course covers types of life saving appliances normally carried on ships, the value of training and drills, the need to be ready for any emergency, actions to be taken when called to survival craft stations, action to be taken when required to abandon ship and much more. An essential course, not just for commercial seafarers but also the leisure sailors can take advantage of this one day course. Sea Survival training is mandatory for those wishing to complete their RYA Yachtmaster exam

Image of Superyacht Crew training up for their STCW 2010 basic safety training course. The morning is classroom based, covering all the theoretical elements.

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Image of students in action during their STCW 2010 Basic safety training course. Afternoons are spent in the pool covering all the practical drills.

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Other Essential Information

Personnel attending this course are required to be at least 16 years of age and must be medically fit to undertake the wet drill which involves a jump from a height. If you are in doubt about your fitness you should consult your doctor prior to attendance.


Telephone:Gibraltar Reception


Telephone: UK Mobile


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