Yachtmaster Motor Fast Track FAQ

Q> Where do we go during our Yachtmaster Fast Track Motor training course?

A> You will visit many ports in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, you will be in a marina each night but you will have to do the odd overnight passage.


Q> Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

A> No, we do have standards! You will be provided with fresh bedding each week and duvets and pillows.


Q> What equipment is on board the Allabroad Motor cruising training vessel?

A> This is a luxury motor yacht with 2 chart plotters with Radar Overlay, AIS Transponder for your safety,  air conditioning, bow thruster, trim tabs, Generator, Autopilot and electrical toilets, no manual pumping!


Q> I have seen the Yachtmaster Fast Track Motor course for less, why is the Allabroad course more expensive?

A> With us you will be training on a £300,000 luxury motor cruiser building hands on helm experience on a larger yacht means you will be far better at boat handling.  Also building miles at 20 knots means that more of your course time is spent on boat handling and not rolling around at 7 knots for days on end.


Q> Can you finance the course for me?

A> No, we are not finance providers, but we may be able to point you in the right direction.


Q> What can I expect to earn as a Motor yachtmaster

A> With larger boat experience and on board systems training you can expect to earn around £24 to £36 K pa tax free in your first year. Many of our students pay off their training fees after 18 months and live a pretty good life in the meantime.  After 3 years you could be on £36 to £45K if you continue to invest in yourself and further your training. 

Most recent pictures of our Motor cruiser training vessel

These are recent pictures of the actual vessel you will be training on, and these are recent photos taken Monday 9th January 2017. Many training centres post pictures from when the vessel was new or use brochure shots.  All these pictures are of MV 'Durban Lady'  as she is now,  you will be training on this vessel througout your 12 week Yachtmaster Motor Fast Track training course.