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Hi Dave and Clare

Well here I am 5 years on!

I can't believe that time has moved so quickly - I did endless research before deciding to do my Fast Track training with Allabroad, back in January 2012.

I had retired the year before and wanted to invest some time and money into "myself " and get qualified up to Yacht Master Offshore level.


How it started

I owned my own yacht, had done day skipper in the 1980's and had the small dilemma of deciding whether to start the course at week one, or to join at day skipper level. ASA advised that in my case, both starting options were ok.


I was able to come and look at the school, it's classrooms, the yachts and meet some of the dedicated, very experienceed and importantly-fun to be with staff. 

I choose to start at day one / week one and didn't regret it then or now.


I sailed in Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco and a Portugal - two continents and during an English winter when to be honest, I didn't fancy sailing in, brrrrrrrr!

We experienced all weathers and sea conditions but overall the temperatures were at least 10 degrees higher, great for learning and yes - having fun.


Every single person in my group was successful in passing the exams and training and went on to work in the sailing industry..... including me!


My case

I was told that I would be ready for my exam 3 or 4 weeks early, I started the course with plenty of nautical miles under my belt and this, pluss being an all round good bloke! with the kind of attitude and skills needed, was asked by Dave the principle, to consider doing my Cruising Instructor, with a view to doing some sail training instruction for Allabroad.


I passed yippee! 

Double bonus, got 3 weeks course fee refunded!

Triple bonus, did some instructing.

This is a good example of ASA showing some flexibility in my case, my instructors thought I was ready for the exam, so I was given it .... early!


I have worked as a part time Cruising Instructor for ASA every year since, I love it, meeting people who want to learn to sail, or improve and hone skills they already have. Some just want to experience sailing in the fantastic, busy tidal waters of Gibraltar Straights.

The commercial endorsement to use as a master of yachts up to 200gt that I gained in 2012, is valid for 5 years.

So as I find myself filling out the 5 year renewal application for another commercial endorsement (having recently re-qualified my Cruising Instructor qualification with the RYA) I thought it's time I shared with other potential Fast Track students, my brilliant time spent training with Allabroad Sailing Academy.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending ASA.

Steve M

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